Protect our Dark Sky

Light pollution occurs when artificial light at night causes disruption to nature.

Artificial light is very important to us. But in the wrong place or at the wrong times it can cause problems. Whether it is interrupting natural human sleep patterns, disrupting the navigation of migrating birds, or changing the growth patterns of plants, artificial light can have bad consequences when it is misused.

The International Dark Sky Association has extensive resources about sources of light pollution and the adverse impacts it can have.

Here in Aotearoa the Royal Society Te Apārangi has led research on the impact of artificial light on humans and the environment.

How you can help

Check your lights! Look at the outdoor lights around your home or workplace, and consider whether they are shining into the sky or being switched on when they’re not needed. The IDA has some useful resources to help assess whether outdoor lights could be improved and some suggestions for simple fixes. Often, just making sure that light is appropriately shielded so it only shines where needed, using a warm-coloured bulb or putting a light on a timer or sensor will make a big difference.

Seeing your before and after pictures on our Facebook page would be great if you changed your lights.